Denise is proud to have the support of the following Florida leaders and organizations:

Florida Sheriffs:

Past Florida "Women In Agriculture" Award Winners

  • Norma Stokes, 1996

  • Carey Trudy, 1997

  • Vina Jean Banks, 1999

  • Marcia Lightsey, 2000

  • Ann Holt, 2010

  • Sarah Childs, 2011

  • Belinda Chason, 2014

  • Lisa Hinton, 2015

  • Judi Whitson, 2016

Florida Republican Leaders

Local Officials & Community Leaders


  • Melbourne Mayor Kathy Meehan

  • San Antonio Mayor pro tempore and Parks Commissioner Elayne Bassinger

  • Seminole Mayor and Former House Speaker pro tempore Leslie Waters

  • Temple Terrace Mayor Mel Jurado

  • Winter Park Mayor Steve Leary

Superintendents of Schools:

  • Calhoun County Superintendent of Schools Ralph Yoder

  • Glades County Superintendent of Schools Scott Bass

  • Gulf County Superintendent of Schools Jim Norton

  • Hendry County Superintendent of Schools Paul Puletti

  • Pasco County Superintendent of Schools Kurt Browning

  • Suwannee County Superintendent of Schools Ted Roush

Tax Collectors:

  • Brevard County Tax Collector Lisa Cullen

  • Hendry County Tax Collector Pat Langford

  • Indian River Tax Collector Carole Jean Jordan

  • Lake County Tax Collector Bob McKee

  • Okaloosa County Tax Collector Benjamin Anderson

  • Pasco County Tax Collector and Former Florida Senator Mike Fasano

Property Appraiser:

  • Calhoun County Property Appraiser Carla T. Peacock

School Board Members:

  • Duval County School Board Member Becki Couch

  • Duval County School Board Member Lori Hershey

  • Highlands County School Board Member Donna Howerton

  • Okaloosa County School Board Member Tim Bryant

Clerks of Court:

  • Martin County Clerk of Court Carolyn Timmann

  • Pasco County Clerk of Court Paula O’Neil

  • Suwannee County Clerk of Court Barry Baker

County Commissioners:

  • Baker County Commissioner James Croft

  • Clay County Commissioner Mike Cella

  • Hardee County Commissioner Colon Lambert

  • Hardee County Commissioner Rick Knight

  • Highlands County Commissioner Don Elwell

  • Indian River County Commissioner Peter O’Bryan

  • Indian River County Commissioner Tim Zorc

  • Miami-Dade County Commissioner Esteban Bovo

  • Pasco County Commissioner Kathryn Starkey

Legislative Endorsements

Florida Representatives and Former Florida Representatives:

  • Florida Representative Sam Killebrew

  • Florida Representative Cary Pigman

  • Florida Representative Elizabeth Porter

  • Florida Representative Charlie Stone

  • Former Florida Representative Kim Berfield

  • Former Florida House Speaker pro tempore Marti Coley

  • Former Florida Representative Faye Culp

  • Former Florida Representative Frank Farkas

  • Former Florida Representative Mark Flanagan

  • Former Florida Representative James Frishe

  • Former Florida Representative Kurt Kelly

  • Former Florida Representative Dick Kravitz

  • Former Florida Representative Dave Murzin

  • Former Florida Representative Mark Ogles

  • Former Florida Representative Joseph R. Spratt

Former Florida House Speakers:

  • Former Florida House Speaker Allan Bense

  • Former Florida House Speaker Dean Cannon

  • Former Florida House Speaker Larry Cretul

  • Former Florida House Speaker H. Lee Moffitt

Florida Senators and Former Senators:

  • Florida Senator Dennis Baxley

  • Florida Senator Aaron Bean

  • Florida Senator Anitere Flores

  • Florida Senator George Gainer

  • Florida Senator Rene Garcia

  • Florida Senator Dorothy Hukill

  • Florida Senator Debbie Mayfield

  • Florida Senator David Simmons

  • Florida Senator Kelli Stargel

  • Former Florida Senator Ellyn Bogdanoff

  • Former Florida Senator Charlie Dean

  • Former Florida Senator Pat Neal

  • Former Florida Senator Miguel Diaz de la Portilla

Former Florida Senate Presidents:

  • Former Senate President Andy Gardiner

  • Former Senate President Don Gaetz

  • Former Senate President Mike Haridopolos

  • Former Senate President Ken Pruitt

  • Former Senate President John McKay

  • Former Senate President Jim Scott

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