Recognizing Ag Literacy Day


This week, farmers, ranchers, and growers across Florida paid visits to classrooms to read to students. It’s called Agriculture Literacy Day and the event is sponsored by Ag in the Classroom. Each year, a new book is produced that highlights and educates students on an aspect of Florida’s diverse agricultural production. It’s a great way to help students meet people involved in the agriculture industry and gives us an opportunity to bring our farming experiences to them.

I had the opportunity to read to students in Hardee County. Even for students in a farming community like ours, there is still a lot of work to be done, especially as today’s children have less and less interaction with agriculture.

With most Floridians two to three generations removed from farming, we have a tremendous learning curve to help young people better understand the nature and importance of our food supply.  Programs like Ag Literacy Day help to bridge that gap.

You can learn more about Florida Ag in the Classroom and Ag Literacy Day here.

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