Manatee County Trump Club Supports Denise

The Trump Club (“Trump Committee”) in Manatee County has announced the group’s candidate choices which includes Denise Grimsley for Agriculture Commissioner. 

“I appreciate the support of this great group of patriots,” said Grimsley. “I have been able to visit with them on the campaign trail and they have a passion for making America great again, and together we’re going to work to do just that!”

According to Trump Committee Chair Donna Hayes, the 2016 Manatee County Trump Campaign Chair, the group conducted a conservative primary election on July 18, 2018, and offers their choices as a guide to the conservative voters. To learn more about the group or to attend a meeting, click here.

The Trump Committee based in Manatee County is a grassroots organization dedicated to supporting President Trump’s vision and agenda, not affiliated with President Trump or the campaign.



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