Denise Earns Endorsement of Florida Home Builders PAC


Zolfo Springs, Fla. – State Senator Denise Grimsley today announced that the Florida Home Builders Political Action Committee (FHB PAC) has endorsed her campaign for Florida Commissioner of Agriculture & Consumer Services.

“Florida’s home builders work every day to help Floridians fulfill the dream of home ownership,” said Grimsley. “Our campaign is about building on the success that makes Florida strong and the best state in the nation to call home; and, I am honored to have the support of home builders as we pursue a better future for every Floridian together.”

The endorsement by the FHB PAC comes immediately following last week’s endorsement from the Florida Realtors® PAC.

In a press release from the FHB PAC, Chair Suzanne Graham said: “This really was a once in a decade opportunity, where each elected Cabinet position was up for re-election; absent any solidified incumbent.  We successfully interviewed a dozen of the major candidates for statewide office. We believe these individuals are best suited to deliver an environment where Floridians can successfully pursue their dream of home ownership.”

In the FHB PAC press release, Greg Matovina, president of the Florida Home Builders Association, said: “It is not often when we can identify someone who understands how to balance the necessary ingredients of less regulation, a dynamic workforce, storm resiliency, a sound environment, fraud enforcement and affordability. The FHB PAC did an excellent job in their selection of candidates who not only demonstrate an understanding of critical issues to the industry, but also the ability to effectuate public policy towards the fulfillment of that favorable environment.”

To read the FHB PAC press release in full, click here.

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